Transfer Advice Beta

It started as a simple enough idea.  I felt as though I was trying to re-invent the wheel in regards to the process of transferring to a four year university.  I assumed that others likely felt the same way.  I thought it might be a nice idea if someone tried to collect a bunch of data on the subject in one place and create a presentation that one might share with fellow students.  An attempt to tap into the collective experience of our fellow students who have already successfully navigated the transfer process, help others avoid pitfalls, and find the most efficient method of handling the task.

I was recently reminded that there are those who are trying to transfer during different times of the year, who are struggling to make sure they have done all they can.  It occurred to me that it might be worthwhile to simply dedicate a page to the project and ask that students share their transfer experience through the comments section for the benefit of others.  Initially at least, this is that page.  I am asking just that.  Anyone who has braved the process of transferring, the more recent the better, please use the comment section to share that experience.  There are many people who would greatly appreciate any tips, advice, and warnings that others might share.

If you have been through the process, you already know what is on the minds of students currently trying to figure it out for themselves.  Concerns about paperwork, transferring credits, scholarships, financial aid, timing, and the list goes on.  You can be sure that someone will appreciate any useful information you can provide, even if it only gives them the sense that they are already doing the right things.  I will certainly appreciate your help and participation.

A quick note to all, perhaps it need not be said, but anything that ultimately appears here will be in the way of advice only.  No one can guarantee that their experience will be applicable to yours.  I will reserve the right to edit or alter posts.  I may remove posts from the comment section to incorporate them into the page itself, for the sake of prominence perhaps.  The comments are moderated, so if you do not wish to have your name out there for any reason, simply say so in your comment and I will post your contribution in an alternate fashion.  I welcome suggestions on content, organization, or links to useful resources.

With that said, I thank you for your input in advance and wish you well on your own college journey!

Contribute away!

The Common App site

The Common App site

CollegeFish Site

CollegeFish Site


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