Future Academics

What does the future hold?  My current plans take into account that classes are much less expensive at CPCC and that I have some catching up to do before I am academically ready to transfer to a university.  I have a number of courses to take to prepare for a major in biophysics or biology combined with physics, depending on the undergraduate programs available at the university I end up transferring to.  For instance, if I stay in NC, there is a statewide academic agreement that allows for the predictable transfer of classes and credit hours.  Out of state there is no assurance as to what might transfer or not.  Even in state, private institutions like Duke University are not signatories to that agreement, so a transfer of credits might likewise be complicated.  UNC would be a reliable choice in this regard but does not seem to have a specific undergraduate degree in biophysics, though they do have a graduate biophysics program.  It makes the potential choices complicated.  Hopefully I will eventually be able to work that out.  An additional consideration is the funding and scope of the research that the institution engages in.  Then, as always, there is the matter of funding that education.  A seemingly complicated confluence of considerations, no?

In any case, this is a list of courses that I feel I am best served by completing before I transfer to a major university.  With the completion of most of the classes below, I will also qualify for an associates in science.  Then the fun can really begin!

Class Description Credits
BIO-111 General Biology I 4
BIO-130 Zoology 4
ENG-241 British Lit I 3
MAT-171 Pre-calc Algebra 3
MAT-172 Pre-calc Trig 3
MAT-271 Calculus I 4
MAT-272 Calculus II 4
MAT-273 Calculus III 4
CHM-151 General Chem I 4
CHM-152 General Chem II 4
CHM-251 Organic Chem I 4
CHM-252 Organic Chem II 4
PHY-251 General Physics I (calc) 4
PHY-252 General Physics II (calc) 4

Speaking of major universities, just where do I end up?  Duke takes few transfer students.  UNC is at least in state and fairly straightforward to transfer to, but in a perfect world, where would I consider going?  Who has the reputation and the research?  Of the NC universities, UNC is well thought of, as is Duke, but where else would I go given the chance?


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