And the semester begins…


Having had a good week to attend classes and get a feel for what is to come, I am pretty pleased.  Microbiology was a presumptive favorite going in to the semester.  The first lab only enhanced that feeling.  I feel as though microbiology will be every bit as enjoyable as I had hoped.  The surprise of the semester may very well turn out to be American history.  While I enjoy history as well, I had no particular expectation of this class.  That said, this class appears to be one of the good ones.  In my world, in case you are wondering, a “good one” is a class with a good deal of interaction and back and forth.  A lecture style is not unusual, and I am just fine with regurgitating stock answers along with everyone else, but a certain amount of debate and interaction is priceless.  To me, that what makes a class interesting (in a good way) rather than somewhat tedious.

Much like the philosophy class I just took, the freedom to step away from pre-formulated answers and analysis and engage the ole’ critical thinking skills is part of what keeps me entertained.  And, as  some of you reading this know, it’s all about the entertainment value!

One of the nice things I have found so far, is that I am finding many more classes enjoyable that I thought I would before I finally started down this path.  Oddly enough, it does not seem to take much to keep me fairly amused.  I have often claimed to be easily amused, but it really only seems to take an instructor who is willing to allow the students a fair amount of flexibility in their choice of essay or report topics.  On top of that, it also very nice when one feels that the content will be considered fairly objectively.  When an instructor asks for a report and offers some suggestions as to the topic or direction, most will just take one of those suggestions.  I enjoy the relative freedom to go as far outside the box as it occurs to me to go.

So far, I have found that to be the case with the instructors I have had.  Perhaps I have gotten lucky.  Perhaps CPCC has a fairly good group of instructors.  Either way, it’s been a positive experience so far, and this semester looks to be just as enjoyable.

The only downside so far is an apparent inability to raise funds to take care of all the titers, vaccinations, and other requirements for the nursing aide class.  I may simply have to drop that class for lack of resources to fulfill the pre-class requirements.  That would be a shame on a number of levels.  The certification that goes with that class opens up a few more doors, but more compelling is the idea that an RN comes with an ability to make reasonable money part time while attending a 4 year university anywhere.  An associates in science does not confer quite such a benefit.  It will throw my timing off, but it may just have to be what it is going to be.  The money is simply not there to even begin getting physicals and vaccinations out of the way in hopes of paying for more later.  At this point, if it looks like you can’t pay for all of it, you’re wasting money to pay for some of it, still not be able to take the class because you could not do it all, and still be short on money to pay the bills.

That is a shame.  I’m simply not sure that there is anything I can do about it at this time.  I have about 3 weeks until that nursing class starts.  If I thought I could find the money, I could starting getting things out of the way now, but being about 650 dollars short with 3 weeks left before class begins…  I may just have to shrug my shoulders on this one and it will simply take a little longer.  Call it 2015+?

Anyway, aside from that issue, all goes well!  We’ll see what happens!


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