A heart shaped box of strings and wires…

The man that the Mandelbrot set was named for, was a mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot.  He recently died in 2010, his last post was as a professor at Yale.  I mention this as a way to introduce a song I love, written and performed by a fun guy named Jonathan Coulton.  He wrote a fun song in honor of Mandelbrot titled “Mandelbrot Set.”  While I cannot embed the song directly in this post, click on the title to give it a listen.  I will only warn you that a four letter word is used in the chorus in a humorous way.  If easily offended, DON’T DO IT!  Back away from the link slowly… (Maybe I can insert the song.  Let’s see what happens if I insert it like this?)   Mandelbrot Set, by Jonathan Coulton


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